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Just In: #bahrain has lifted its 10-day #quarantine requirement for all incoming passengers as the Kingdom slowly relaxes its #coronavirus lockdown rules. However, all passengers will still be required to undergo a #covid19 test.

Coronavirus: Bahrain lifts mandatory 10-day COVID-19 quarantine for all arrivals | Al Arabiya English

Bahrain announced Thursday that it would be lifting the 10-day quarantine requirement for all incoming passengers, Bahrain News Agency (BHA) reported.All p
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Just In: The media advisor to the King of #bahrain says that the Prime Minister has left the country on a private visit abroad. The development is significant in the backdrop of the recent #uaeisrale deal which has caused unrest in the Muslim world. The word in the western media is that #saurdiarabia and #bahrain will follow the #uae s suit and recognize #israel.


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